• Ampoules ILS au détail, sans connectique

Magnetic reed switch – special contactors

  • Reacts to the approach of a magnet
  • Supplied with a small round magnet
  • Flexible reed switch
  • ON/OFF all or nothing signal

Connector option :
5 1
5/ 5
Tax included

Reed switch

This magnetic switch uses 2  ferromagnetic flexible metal contacts in a hermetically sealed glass enveloppe, that touch when a permanent magnet comes near. This sensor is used to detect the approach of a moving object that would be equipped with a magne (a door, a wheel,...).

It comes with a round magnet, with a diameter approximately of 0,8 – 1 cm.

Below a drawing illustrating the different effect the position of the magnet has upon the reeds.

Sens de l'aimant


Application example

Cléa Coudsi and Éric Herbin, : « Bien des choses » (2007) :
Presentation of the artwork

Connectors and sensor quantities

Connections Switch connectors sold per unit Amount of switches per set
3 pin analog connector Yes No set
16 wire ribbon cable 8 switches No 8
10 wire ribbon cable for MiniWi No 5
10 wire ribbon cable for ZIP No 4
No connections Yes No set

You can find a description of these connector options and sets on our general information page.

Switches with 3 pin connectors are plugged onto our standard 3 way extension cords for analog sensors.

If the button must be separated from the connector and attached to the end of a wire, the standard connector type is the one with a flat ribbon cable. This makes the switch easier to integrate to an interface or a costume.

The base length for these ribbon cables is 2 meters. To add length, select the option « 10 or 16 extra wires » (per m) in the appropriate section Connectors/Digital Inputs/Ribbon Cables .

The "no connector" designation implies that the reed switch comes alone, intact, without a card or any connecting wires. The magnet is still included.



Magnet position

The magnet's position and orientation compared to the sensor

Download (54.26k)

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