Large analog joystick

Joystick with 2 axes that vary continuously.

4 screw holes.

L : 4 cm, H : 7,5 cm.

CS-Gros joystick
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An analog joystick

2 axis mecanical sensor

The joystick is a mecanical sensor that has been used in interactive art for a long time.

This sensor is a joystick that lets one detect a movement over 2 axes (forward/backward, left/right and diagonals). With it one can create custom interfactive interfaces.

Grand joystick analogique vue en 3ème personne

The card associated with the mechanism returns data that varies over 2 axes depending on how one moves the handle :

up/down, left/right.

As the data is analog, other positions can be extrapolated from these 2 axes. The handle is not limited to these 4 positions, and can be manipulated in any direction like a regular joystick one would find on a modern gaming controller.

It allows interaction with an installation in all directions, and returns to its initial position when not in use.

Data visualisation

The data returned by this sensor is analog, so we receive data that varies progressively as the handle is moved.

At rest, the two axes return an average value which can vary in either direction that the handle is moved in.

When not manipulated it automatically goes back to its rest position, in the middle.

Technical data


This one measures 4 cm wide and is 7,5 cm tall.

Grand joystick analogique vue de face


It's a 2 axis sensor, hence it has 2 outputs both with 3 pin connectors,  and doesn't require a standard joystick plug (like those for game consoles) because it is adapted to our various sensor interfaces.


To attach this joystick we added extra screw-holes. These holes lets one screw the joystick under a surface so that manipulating the handle doesn't move the entire sensor...

Trous de fixations du dessus du JoystickTrous de fixations du joystick analogique

A drilled board (home-made or cut by Interface-Z upon request, with quote), is a good way to create a solid support for this sensor...

CS-Gros joystick