Arcade button

  • Button
  • Very sturdy
  • Many different colors
  • Normally Open

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Sturdy mechanical button

Arcade buttons are useful for various projects needing a sensory and/or visual interaction with a spectator.

They resemble big plastic push-buttons, quite sturdy, with multiple color options.

They are quite solid and resist extended use even when smashed repeatedly with an average human strength : ours have been tested over extended periods with children.

Gif d'un enfant appuyant sur des boutons

The default color is black but there are all sorts of different colors possible, please contact us if you need a specific color.

Advantages :

  • Bright and visible
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Responsive
  • Décorative

Connections :

Connection options are the same as for our other buttons :

  • 3 way analog connector
  • 16 wire ribbon cable
  • 10 wire ribbon cable for MiniWi
  • 10 wire ribbon cable for ZIP
  • No connections

For more details regarding our connection options, please see our page "« +switches – general information ».

Application example :

  • Interactive games
  • Quizzes
  • Museography
  • Set ups for children
  • Photo/audio/video booth

Photos d'une boîte à musique avec des boutons