Measures velocity
  • Measures velocity
  • 2 axes, 2 types of motion captured.
  • Adjustable rest level and sensitivity for each axis.
  • Perfect for capturing arm movements, embedded on a dancer.

2 axis Gyrometer

  • Angular velocity
  • 2 axis pitch/yaw or pitch/roll
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Measuring quick rotations

This sensor is usually used embedded on a danser or performer. Being sensitive to angular speed, it can measure circular movements.

Gyro deux axes.

Full sensor set, with it's two outputs.

The white 3 pin connectors on this sensor make it possible to plug it onto any of our « analog to midi » interface boards such as our « 8 analog inputs to Midi » interface, or our wireless analog to Midi interfaces. There is one connector per axis.


Our sensor is made-up of a sensitive component and an electronic card that can :
- amplify the sensor signal to make it full stroke;
- make the sensor compatible with 5 V interfaces.

Unlike many commercially available gyrometers, our model is 5V-compatible, so it's compatible with our wireless interfaces. Please note, however, that it is not 3.3 V compatible.

2 axis

Our gyrometers have 2 axes to measure two rotation types. On top of this there are two versions :

Roll or Yaw rotation ?

Capteur Gyro axe pitch Interface-ZCapteur Gyro axe roll roulis Interface-ZCapteur Gyro axe yaw tournis Interface-Z

Yaw :  rotation that turns around a vertical axis.

Roll : Rotation on the longitudinal axis, an axis that follows the length of the sensor card horizontally (orientation can be distinguished with connectors). For this sensor the roll axis follows a line going in between the two connectors.

Pitch : rotation around the lateral axis, here the pitch axis would follow a roizontal line that is parallel to the two connectors.

Application examples

Attached to a wrist, a gyrometer can measure the rotation of one's hand regardless of how one is moving the rest of the arm. Gravity doesn't interfere with this sensor's measurements.
The two axes however let one measure both hand movement and arm movement.
These measurements can be used to trigger lighting, create changes in a soundscape or modify a video in a live performance for example...

Quick vocabulary note :

  • A GYROSCOPE detects angular position, meaning it measures an objects orientation regarding an axis.
  • A GYROMETER detects angular velocity/speed, meaning it measures the rotation speed around an axis.

This sensor is a gyrometer, and not a gyroscope. It is meant for detecting a movement, not a position.



Simple sensors

A presentation of the settings for simple sensors that return analog data.

Download (198.61k)


MiniWi card documentation. Card for sending sensor data over WiFi.

Download (371.68k)

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