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  • Optional hose mount
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Wind-speed ai blowing sensor

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This sensor measures wind speed or air flow by collecting the helixes rotation speed. It can be used as a weather sensor or a breathing / blowing sensor.

It consists of a helix that rotates around a small system wired to an electronic card by a 20 cm cable. The electronic card can be connected to one of our sensor-boards such as our 2 analog or 4 analog cards. 

  • No mount : electronic card + 20 cm cable + helix. No additionnal hose or nut for structure.
  • With mount : With a gooseneck hose : electronic card + hollow nut for fastening through + bendable hose + helix + plastic 3D printed protection

In the second version, the bendable hose is plated in metallic chrome and has a gooseneck shape.
The mount structure is meant to let the user install the sensor on a surface / cast while having the electronics hidden on the other side. The helix and the hose would be on the visible side of the surface, and the little card and it's cable would come out on the other side. The hose would go through the surface to which the sensor is fixed and can be fastened by screwing an M10 nut on the other side.

Technical features

Connecting the helix

The wire going to the helix can be unplugged from the card. There are two contexts in which this would happen :

  • Accidental traction or strain on the wire. Similarly to many of our sensors, it being detachable helps prevent damage to the rest of the sensor ;
  • Mounting the gooseneck hose through a wooden or plaster surface / cast.

It is essential to reattach the helix's wires to the electronic card. Both wires must be plugged back on the card in the correct orientation, which is indicated by the shield of the connector.


The adjustment potentiometer helps set the sensitivity level of the sensor.


MeasurementsElectronic card without connectors : 2,5 cm x 1,5 cm

Electronic card with connectors : 5,5 cm x 1,5 cm

Length of the gooseneck hose mount : 20 cm

Screwable hose nut diameter : M10Helix diameter : 8 cm

Plastic 3D printed protection diameter : 9 cm

Plastic 3D printed protection thickness : 2,2 cm

Screwable hose hollow nut length : 50 mm, with 10 mm screwed in the hose.




Présentation des réglages des capteurs simples branchables sur des entrées analogiques.

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